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Product Description

Turfguard – Serious Protection for Serious Athletes

Contains: 1 Box of (5) 2″ x 3″ patches

If you play lacrosse, football, baseball, soccer, field hockey or any sport on synthetic or artificial turf, TURFGUARD is a must! Whether you slide, tackle, dive or just slip on the turf. you’re liable to get a turf burn. This open wound is susceptible to all types of infections. After cleaning the wound, simply place the Turfguard patch on the wound and you’re done! You can leave it on for up to seven days.

Hydrogel Wound Dressings made with X-Static® are flexible, sterile, non-adherent hydrogel dressings that are 0.1cm thick and consist of 1.5% nylon fiber suspension with a metallic silver surface containing 99.9% pure elemental silver, 92.7% deionized water, and polyethylene oxide.

The hydrogel component of the dressing maintains -a moist wound environment and aids in the removal of nonviable tissue from the wound (autolytic debridement). TURFGUARD provides a soothing wound interface that allows for non­ traumatic removal of the dressing. TURFGUARD  provides easy to use with no need to pre-wet even on dry wounds.

TURFGUARD Hydrogel Wound Dressing made with X-Static” is indicated for the topical management of wounds.


The dressing is indicated for use on:

  • Minor Superficial  Wounds
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Minor Abrasions
  • Minor First degree burns

Protect Your Athletes – Be Safe, Not Sorry!



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| Treatment

Therapeutic Products-

With recent FDA- over the counter approval, Sports Defense has taken its state of the art, hospital grade, wound care products and now made them available to the average consumer for the treatment of athletic skin abrasions.


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What exactly is Turfguard?

TurfGuard hydrogel dressings are cross-linked polymer based gels that have been made into sheets. Unlike antibiotics, silver works through a multimodal mechanism of action whereby pathogens from exudating wounds are safely eradicated. Silver technology has increasingly become a mainstay in hospitals in the past 3-5 years to prevent serious hospital acquired infections.

What is recommended treatment of turfburns?

According to a 2007 review article published in the “Journal of Athletic Training,“ moist wound dressings significantly reduce healing time, help prevent infection and reduce pain with abrasions such as turf burns. Apply a hydrogel liberally to the surface of the turf burn. Hydrogel will keep the abrasion moist when it is dressed, a key element of proper healing for turf burns.

How long should I leave Turfguard on the wound?

TurfGuard is designed to be left in contact with the wound for not longer than 7 days. The frequency of dressing change depends on the amount of exudate present and the condition of the wound.

Is Turfguard a new product?

No, Turfguard has been successfully utilized by hospitals in a wound care setting for over 10 years and has virtually had no side effects. Just recently the FDA has approved it for commercial use.

Is Turfguard a safe product?

Yes. There are no known or reasonably suspected adverse reactions associated with either the use of nylon for topical application to wounds or associated with the presence of silver in the amounts present in TurfGuard. The product is sterile and made for single use. Remove Turfguard prior to MRI or defibrillator use

  • Whether you are an athlete, coach or parent, make sure your athletic career is not cut short.

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The website looks great so far!

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The website looks great so far!

Brian M.

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The website looks great so far!

Brian M.

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