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Use Hikeguard for the prevention of Blisters and Abrasions-If You Hike -Hikeguard is a Must Try!

Contains 1 Pouch of (12) 1.5″x 2″ hydrogel patches-Try these patches now -NO TAPE NEEDED!

These hydrogel patches come in a re-sealable packet, so you can use them as you see fit and keep the rest fresh. Prevent blisters before they occur using HikeGuard. Before that hike in the woods or a 5k run with your friends –

On-trail Preventative Techniques

Simply remove the CLEAR backing and place the WHITE patch directly on the area of your foot(GEL SIDE DOWN) where you feel the hot spot coming on, or anywhere you would typically blister, and go! Try HikeGuard and go blister-free!

Our gel patch is so thin, you won’t even know it’s there! The patch’s 90% high water content prevents feet from blistering and causes little to no side effects.  We’ve tested HikeGuard for hiking, running, biking, and many other activities – the results are remarkable, proving the product is a strong preventive measure against blisters, corns, and abrasions.  And, the HikeGuard patch can very easily be sized and applied to any part of your foot.

*Sport Defense has an exclusive license for its breakthrough technology for markets which include, but are not limited to, Lacrosse, Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Track and Field and any sport played on artificial turf as well as outdoor activities such Hiking, Jogging, and Running (Sporting Activities).



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Prophylactic Products

We have developed products which athletes can use to prevent blisters, abrasions and skin irritations before they happen. If you plan to go for a run, a bike ride or just a hike in the woods, these products used beforehand will help protect you while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

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