Dancers’ Dots Mini Pack

Dancers’ Dots Mini Pack




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Product Description

Same Great Product in Trial Size
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Adapted specifically for dancers’ use by Gaynor Minden, these cool, soothing Dancers’ Dots reduce irritation, help protect against blisters, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

Dancers’ Dots is a cross-linked polymer-based gel that is able to provide and maintain a moist wound environment. There are several benefits associated with increased moisture content, including the cleansing and autolytic debriding of necrotic tissue.

Easy to use — simply remove the backing and tape to skin


Sizes: 16 medium (3/4″) and 4 large (1 1/8″) Dots per packet.
Material: Deionized water, polyethylene oxide

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What are Dancers’ Dots?

Dancers’ Dots are cooling hydrogel circles designed to protect dancers’ feet from pain, pressure and friction. The hydrogel is primarily made from pure water which is crosslinked as a polymer gel and is the same product used in hospital wound centers.

Who should use Dancers’ Dots?

Dancers’ Dots can be used for relief in any kind of shoe used in dance from flat shoes to pointe shoes to character and ballroom shoes. Try them in your street shoes and high heels to prevent blisters and rubbing. Dancers’ Dots feel great on sore bunions. For diabetics, protect fragile skin before you develop blisters or pressure sores.

Are Dancers’ Dots safe for me to use?

Yes! Since the product is mainly composed of water, there is no known adverse reaction. The product is designed to use on intact bare skin where pointe shoes rub or hurt. Won’t stick to sensitive skin.

How should I use Dancers’ Dots?

Easy! Choose the size best suited to the area you want to protect. Next, peel away the backing. You can leave the other backing side in place. Apply to skin and tape in place. Done! Relief! A breathable mesh tape like those used for medical dressings works best but any tape you like is fine.

Are Dancers’ Dots reusable?

That depends. Dancers’ Dots can be left in place for as long as they retain their cushion. Once removed, they usually lose their shape and should be replaced.

How should I store Dancers’ Dots?

Dancers’ Dots come in a cute and convenient screw top dispenser perfect for your dance bag. Once open, store in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed between uses. Can be sealed in a zip top bag.

  • Gentle on feet to get you through the toughest classes or rehearsals

  • Two sizes to fit your needs

  • Cooling feel on skin

  • Protects skin from chafing and pressure

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