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Protect Your Feet

On a hike, if you feel discomfort on your foot, immediately stop to address the sensation. A “hot spot” is the precursor to a blister, and if treated, you can keep it that way. I have been preaching the miracle of foot lubrication for years. A “slippery” foot is much less likely to spawn blisters and lesions. I use Hydrogel, an expensive concoction available from specialty running stores online. Drugstore salves like Bag Balm or Vaseline can work in a pinch, too.Slather the sticky stuff on your toes and heels, and then pull your sock on. Beyond creating a lubed, lower-friction environment, if your foot gets wet salves (HYDROGELS) keep water from saturating your skin or making it “pruney,” an avoid-at-all-costs condition on a hike.

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