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Dancers’ Dots – Should My Daughter Use Them?

Dancers’ Dots – Should My Daughter Use Them?

Should your daughter use Dancers’ Dots with her pointe shoes? My answer to every mom is an emphatic “YES”!

If your daughter is on pointe, her feet are her instrument.  Protecting that instrument is the key to pain-free dancing.  We are entering the most critical part of the year for students and professionals – Nutcracker Season, followed by competition season.  Ensuring pain-free rehearsals and preventing blisters and chafing can be easily accomplished with Dancers’ Dots.  Simply choose the correct size Dot and tape in place (after removing the liner). If your daughter is used to sitting out a few rehearsals to let deep or painful blisters heal, try Dancers’ Dots.  They just may keep her on her toes for the whole season!

If your daughter just started wearing pointe shoes, congratulations! Using Dancers’ Dots regularly may help prevent problems down the line.  If you are not sure where to use them, try placing them on the toe knuckles and over bunions on either side of the foot.  The hydrogel Dots are cool and soothing even on problem areas. Ballet, and pointe, in particular, is tough on the toes but using Dancers’ Dots may make it easier on new starters’ feet and keep them healthier in the long run.

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