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Recommended Turf Burn Treatment

Recommended Turf Burn Treatment

Do you know how to treat turf burn?

Most Athletic trainers won’t spend $12.00 for a hospital grade bandage to treat turf burn, now they won’t have to. In the past, these high-quality patches were cost prohibitive and sold predominantly to in-patient and out-patient facilities with CMS reimbursement. Sport Defense, LLC has recently received over the counter approval from the FDA.  What this means is, not only is this product is available to athletic trainers at universities across the country, but now the everyday consumer as well. We have recently sampled Turfguard at several test training rooms and the responses have been off the charts.

The link attached is from the Journal of Athletic Training, the official publication of the National Athletic Trainers Association. It recommends a five-step treatment for turf burns. Step 3 suggests applying a hydrogel to the wound and Turfguard is that hydrogel patch with silver that you should be using.  These patches are now available in a box of 5 or in volume, through our wholesale website. Visit our store or email to find out how you can become a wholesaler/distributor.

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