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Our Story

Our Story

 SPORT DEFENSE began with a need to solve a longtime problem for dancers. How could dancers better protect their skin inside pointe shoes while spending hours on their toes? This was a personal project for Erin Langan, whose daughter, Rory Myers, was experiencing severe blistering on her heels and toes as a result of long training sessions at ballet.  Existing products just were inadequate for the job. In desperation, Erin gave her daughter some hydrogel to experiment with.  As a doctor, Erin was familiar with hydrogel as a wound care product in hospitals.  To her amazement, in a few weeks, Rory had not only alleviated her blisters and prevented new ones from forming, but her friends were all begging to use the material! Rory was convinced other dancers needed this technology.

Enter Billy Odenthal and Adam Levy.  Both Adam and Billy had the vision and experience to get our product to market.  After hearing Rory talk about how the brand Gaynor Minden was moving forward to embrace modern technology, Adam and Billy knew this would be the right place to go with our product.  Dancers’ Dots was born from this partnership. Dancers’ Dots are an amazing new tool for the prevention of blisters and to cushion dancers’ feet. Made almost entirely of water and in two sizes to fit any foot needs.

Once we saw how well Dancers’ Dots worked, we knew we could help other athletes.  Turf burns are a growing and serious problem in baseball, field hockey and lacrosse to name a few.  The rise of MRSA, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and staph infection affects the same athletes. According to the CDC, 2011 saw over 80,000 invasive MRSA infections and 11,285 related deaths per year. TurfGuard is the same high-quality material used in hospitals to fight infection.


SPORT DEFENSE aims to bring the cutting edge technology of hospital wound care directly to athletes.

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